2. How to apply for a HECS-HELP loan

If you're eligible for HECS-HELP, first log in to mySI-net to apply for a loan, then:

  1. Go to the 'Financial' tab.
  2. Click 'HECS-HELP eCAF' and choose the 'Obtain a HECS-HELP loan' payment option.
  3. Follow the steps and submit.

The application process should only take a few minutes to complete.

Please note you need a tax file number in order to successfully apply for a HECS-HELP loan.

If you don't have a tax file number, you can still submit an eCAF, but you will have to provide a tax file number by Census Date.

The deadline for HECS-HELP loan applications is Census Date.

If you're a New Zealand Special Category visa holder, contact Student Fees to apply for a HECS-HELP loan.


What's an eCAF?

An "eCAF" is an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form available online through mySI-net. Completing the form is compulsory if you want to set up a HECS-HELP loan.

An eCAF is also called a Request for a Commonwealth Supported Place and a HECS‑HELP Loan form.

What happens if I don't have a tax file number?

Apply for a tax file number immediately. It can take some time for the ATO to issue tax file numbers.

Once you've applied, please ask the ATO to issue an interim "Certificate of Application for a TFN" and submit it to a Student Centre.

This certificate will allow us to maintain your enrolment while your tax file number application is processed.

If you don't have a tax file number by Census Date, you will have to pay your fees upfront or risk having your enrolment cancelled.

What happens if I change programs?

Immediately submit a new eCAF if you switch UQ programs or add a program (e.g. from a single program to a dual program). Your enrolment will be cancelled if you don't submit a new eCAF by Census Date.

How do I know if I'm enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place?

If you're studying in a Commonwealth Supported Place you will see a HECS-HELP eCAF in mySI-net.

What are "student contributions"?

Commonwealth Supported students don't pay full fees – the Australian Government subsidises about 60 per cent of your course fees.

To reflect the fact that you don't pay full fees, the fees you do incur are called "student contributions".

You do not repay the government's subsidy, nor is it incorporated into your HECS-HELP loan.

Remember, the acronym "HECS" stands for "Higher Education Contribution Scheme".

How does HECS-HELP work?

For an explanation of HECS-HELP, visit the Australian Government's StudyAssist website.