Starting at UQ

Everything you need to know about becoming a UQ student

How to activate your student account


Starting uni can feel like trekking into the unknown, but there’s no need to worry. By planning your studies and completing every step of the Starting at UQ website, you can be confident about the semester ahead.


Enrolling is the process of registering the courses you intend to study for a semester. In this section we’ll first cover important information about enrolment and then teach you how to use a system called mySI-net.

Student finances

We explain fee information in plain English and try to keep things simple. Complete this step 24 hours after you enrol – your fees automatically calculate overnight.

Prepare for semester

Once you've enrolled, you can start doing all those little things – like collecting your student ID, buying textbooks and learning about IT systems – that will set you up for a successful start.

Orientation and settling in

Your first few weeks will be an exciting and busy time, but they might also feel a bit daunting.
Take the pressure off by starting with realistic expectations and attending O-Week – you'll find your feet in no time.