6. Deferred exam results

Mid-semester exams

Results should be available within 7 to 10 days from the examination date. Contact the relevant school.

End-of-semester exams

Results are typically finalised:

  • Semester 1: within 10 calendar days of the deferred examination date.
  • Semester 2: within 21 calendar days of the deferred examination date.
  • Summer Semester: within 10 calendar days of the deferred examination date.

The result for your deferred end-of-semester examination will be combined with your other marks for the course to determine your final grade.

The final grade will be entered into mySI-net by the relevant faculty and will be published to your studies report.

I've applied to QTAC to study a different program, but I've also applied for a deferred exam. Is there anything I need to do?
Advise QTAC when you have received your final grade after sitting your deferred exam. Results are normally sent to QTAC only once – automatically after the official release of final results. If you don't tell QTAC about your deferred exam, they can't take your updated final grade into consideration.