If you've failed a course with a grade of 3 – or a non-graded 'N' – you may be eligible for a supplementary assessment.


A supplementary assessment is designed to give you a second chance at achieving a passing grade for a course.

It isn't a repeat of an exam or assignment – it's designed to test you on the learning outcomes for the entire course, or specific learning outcomes tailored to you. 

Supplementary assessment can take any form (for example, an oral or a written exam). The highest grade you can receive is a 4 or P

Supplementary assessment is only granted in accordance with the Supplementary Assessment Procedures.


Read the Supplementary Assessment Procedures to find out if you are eligible to apply. You should also check the course profile for your course to see if it is supplementary-exempt or partial supplementary-exempt.

Once you’ve read the procedures and your course profile, and you think you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a supplementary assessment.

If you have any questions about supplementary assessment, contact your school or faculty.

When to apply

Apply for a supplementary assessment no later than 12 midnight on the fourth calendar day after the release of the final grade for the relevant course. Late applications may be considered, subject to demonstration of exceptional circumstances.

How to apply

Use the hardcopy form to apply if:

  • you are enrolled at UQ College
  • you are in the final semester of your program, the course you failed was worth more than 4 units and a higher grade would complete the program requirements
  • your course grade wasn't finalised until after the official release date of grades
  • you are eligible under the program rules at the time of admission to the program.

If one of these applies to you, download and complete the Request for Supplementary Assessment form: PDF (197KB) or DOCX (64KB).

Apply online

If none of the requirements for using a hardcopy form apply to you, you can apply online.

If the online application isn't available, you can submit a Request for Supplementary Assessment form.

We will send an email to your student address with the outcome of your request.


Check your student email address for information about the date and format of your supplementary assessment. 

For supplementary exams, timetables are also published on my.UQ homepage and a personal exam timetable will be emailed to your student email address.

Supplementary exams are held during the following months:

  • Semester 1: July
  • Semester 2: December
  • Year-long courses: December or July
  • Summer Semester: March.

Other forms of supplementary assessment (for example, orals, practicals or assignments) are held in:

  • Semester 1: July and August
  • Semester 2: December and January
  • Year-long courses: December and January, or July and August
  • Summer Semester: March.

UQ College supplementary assessment is held within the first 2 weeks of the following trimester.


Supplementary assessment results are typically finalised within:

  • Semester 1: within 10 calendar days of the supplementary date.
  • Semester 2: within 21 calendar days of the supplementary date.
  • Summer Semester: within 10 calendar days of the supplementary date.

Once finalised, results are entered into mySI-net by your relevant faculty and will be published to your studies report.

The result will be displayed as 'xSy', where:

  • 'x' is the grade you were awarded before the supplementary assessment, and
  • 'y' is the grade you achieved in the supplementary assessment.

More information: Grading System Procedures