3. One-off discretionary deferred exams

Discretionary deferred exams were introduced in Semester 1, 2017.

You are eligible to apply for a one-off discretionary deferred exam if you haven’t previously applied for one.

If you have previously applied for a discretionary deferred exam, you aren't eligible to apply again – even if you didn’t end up sitting the discretionary deferred exam. 

Students only have one opportunity to request a discretionary deferred exam for the duration of their time at the University. Once you submit a discretionary deferred exam request, you will not have the option to submit another. 

The purpose of a discretionary deferred exam is to let you apply for a reason that wouldn't be accepted as exceptional and unavoidable circumstances. The request can be made for either a mid-semester or end-of-semester exam.

Circumstances when you may choose to apply for a discretionary deferred exam include:

  • misreading or misunderstanding your exam timetable
  • arriving late for the start of your exam
  • forgetting or not being in possession of your student ID
  • forgetting or not being in possession of permitted exam materials (e.g. a calculator), or
  • high levels of stress or anxiety associated with exams (please note accommodations can be made for students with a mental health condition).

You are not eligible to apply for a discretionary deferred exam if you attempted any part of the original exam. 

Supporting evidence

If you are using your one and only discretionary deferred request, it is not necessary to provide a supporting document. However, if you wish, you can upload a document or include a brief statement in the Comments field to explain why you are applying.