1. Overview

We encourage you to plan your workload so you can meet assessment deadlines – don't leave assignment writing until the last minute.

However, on occasion, there may be exceptional circumstances beyond your control that prevent you from submitting an assessment item by the due date. 

Extensions can be requested for assessment items such as:

  • essays
  • assignments
  • case studies
  • laboratory reports
  • take-home exams
  • tutorial group assignments, and in some cases
  • oral assessment.

You cannot request extensions for:

  • in-class tests
  • mid-semester examinations
  • end-of-semester examinations
  • deferred or supplementary examinations. 

If you cannot sit an examination on its scheduled date and time, see information on the Deferring an Exam page. 

If you have been ill or unable to attend class for more than 14 days, we advise you to carefully consider whether you are capable of successfully completing your courses this semester.

You may be eligible to withdraw without academic penalty. See the Withdrawing from a Course or Program page for more information.