This page is for current UQ students who need to replace their student ID. New students should go to Starting at UQ.

If your student ID card has been lost, stolen or destroyed – or if it contains incorrect information – you can apply for a replacement.

Replacement cards are free if:

  • your card has been stolen (and you have a police report)
  • your card expired because your graduation semester changed (and you bring your old ID card with you)
  • the University made a mistake when issuing your card, or
  • you have changed your name.

You have to pay a $20 replacement fee if:

  • you want to update your photo, or
  • your card has been lost, damaged or destroyed.

If you think your card is lost, contact PF Assist to see if it has been handed in at Lost property.

Read the UQ policy on Student Identification Cards.

Apply for a replacement ID card

Complete a Request for Replacement ID form (PDF, 229KB) if:

  • your card was lost, damaged or destroyed
  • your ID card was stolen (and you have a police report)
  • you have changed your name
  • you are an external student.

Pay online

Pay online if your old card was lost, damaged or destroyed. You can then collect your replacement ID from campus.

Expired cards

If your ID card has expired because your graduation semester changed, you can get a free replacement card 24 hours after you:

  • update 'Expected Graduation Semester' in mySI-net, and
  • enrol in courses.

You must bring your old ID card with you to get a free replacement card.

Stolen ID cards

Bring your completed form with details of your police report to:

Change of name

Once you receive an email confirmation that your name has been changed, you have to wait 24 hours before collecting your new ID card.

Bring your completed form and a copy of the email confirmation to:

External students can post or email their completed form to PF Assist.

External students

Mail your completed form to:

PF Assist
Ground Floor, Prentice Building
The University of Queensland 4072

Payments should be made using cheque or money order, payable to PF Assist. Alternately, you can pay online.

Please ensure you include a return mailing address, so the replacement card can be posted to you.

Other reasons

Contact PF Assist or visit the Prentice Centre on St Lucia campus if your student ID card needs replacing for any other reason.

Where to go

Replacement ID cards are issued at:

These offices are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.


ID cards are managed by a department called PF Assist:

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