When using a UQ computer, its security is your responsibility.

To ensure your UQ computer is secure, you need to stay on top of regular computer maintenance and avoid exposing your computer to cyber security threats.

Software updates

One of the easiest ways to compromise a computer’s security is through software vulnerabilities.

Make sure you restart your computer at least once per week so automatic software updates can be installed. If there’s a high security risk, you may be forced to restart your computer immediately.

Avoid running any out-of-date software on your UQ computer. Outdated software isn’t updated with the latest security features and puts your computer at risk.

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Antivirus software

All UQ computers have antivirus software. Don't turn this off as it protects your computer against malware and other cyber security threats.   

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Downloaded files and software

A common source of malware is files and software downloaded from the internet. Only download files from trusted websites. Torrents and file-sharing services aren't safe to use and are common sources of malware.

Downloading software, scripts or any form of executable file from an unknown source is extremely risky. You can get new software safely by self-installing or submitting an IT request.

You’re responsible for what you download, so be careful not to download pirated or unauthorised materials.

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Cloud applications

UQ offers many cloud-based applications for staff and HDR students that meet security requirements and are safe to use. Although many external applications are available, some come with security risks.

Before using an external application, submit an IT request to discuss your requirements.

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Administrative access

Some roles allow you to have administrative access to your computer. You should only use this access for the specific tasks that require an administrator role.

Don’t log in as an administrator for ordinary computer use. If an application you’re running as an administrator is compromised, it can be used to gain control of your computer.

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Physical security

Although many cyber security attacks happen online, cyber criminals can also exploit physical security weaknesses to gain access to information and systems.

There are some practical steps you can take to avoid physical cyber security threats.

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