The University began issuing Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS) in December 2010.

An AHEGS is designed to be the Australian equivalent of a European Diploma Supplement.

It provides a standardised description of your degree, the University, your academic achievements, and the Australian higher education sector.

The AHEGS was introduced to ensure Australian students could provide appropriate documents for international employment opportunities. It is presented to students when they graduate.

Degrees conferred prior to December 2010 are not eligible to receive an AHEGS at this time.

Order online

The online ordering system can be used for both paper and electronic AHEGS.

Electronic AHEGS

If you graduated between 2010 and July 2017, you can purchase an electronic My eQuals AHEGS.

The cost of an electronic AHEGS is $15. A replacement AHEGS contains the same information as the original.


A replacement AHEGS contains the same information as the original.

The cost of a paper replacement AHEGS is $25 (plus postage where required). Orders are processed within five working days. 

Frequently asked questions

What information appears on my AHEGS?

  • Section 1: your name and student number.
  • Section 2: the award, including the number of units and any special requirements.
  • Section 3: the awarding institution, which states information about UQ.
  • Section 4: your academic achievements, including course codes, number of units, course titles, grades achieved and dates completed.
  • Section 5: description of the Australian higher education sector.

When will I receive my AHEGS?

Graduates are presented with an AHEGS, along with their testamur and academic transcript at their graduation ceremony. If you aren't attending your ceremony, the AHEGS will be posted to you, along with the other graduation documents.

What is the difference between an AHEGS and an academic transcript?

An academic transcript is a legal record of your entire enrolment at UQ and includes your GPA for each semester or trimester. You may apply for an academic transcript at any point during your studies. The AHEGS is a snapshot document containing information about a specific degree and is only available when you graduate.

Will my results be recorded on my AHEGS?

Yes. Results for a specific degree will be recorded on your AHEGS.

Why are some of my results missing?

The AHEGS displays courses and results for a specific degree. Results for courses that were studied in a previous UQ program, or at a different university will not appear on the AHEGS – except in cases where specific credit is transferred from another UQ program. The reader will be directed to the appropriate academic transcript for any results not included on the AHEGS.

Will my grade point average be on my AHEGS?

No. A GPA does not appear on the AHEGS.

Can I request that something be added to or removed?

No. An AHEGS is produced using a template that meets guidelines set by the Australian Government. It is not possible to change or modify an AHEGS.

What do I do if there is an error on my AHEGS?

If you find an error such as a misprint or missing information, please send your query to UQ Answers. You will be required to return your original AHEGS before receiving a replacement.

Can I buy additional copies of my AHEGS?

Yes. Use the online order system. Please note that statements aren't available until after your degree is conferred.

I received a University Medal. Can it be included on my AHEGS?

If you are awarded a University Medal you will be supplied with a new AHEGS once the medal had been issued.

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