2. eTranscripts

The University began issuing graduates with eTranscripts in 2015.

An eTranscript is an electronic version of your official academic transcript. Each eTranscript carries a digital signature that proves its authenticity and integrity.

eTranscripts were introduced to ensure UQ graduates could upload appropriate and secure digital files for employment opportunities, applications for further study etc.

UQ graduates only get one eTranscript – additional copies cannot be issued. Your eTranscript will be sent to your student email address shortly after the relevant graduations period (i.e. in either late July or late December).

If you graduated before 2015, you are not eligible for an eTranscript at this time.

Frequently asked questions

What's a digital signature?

A digital signature is a cryptographic hash that creates a "fingerprint” unique to both a document (i.e. a PDF) and a signer.

Digital signatures ensure the integrity of a document’s content. Any change, no matter how small, invalidates the signature and, thus, protects against forgery and document tampering.

Please note that changing an eTranscript's file name won't affect the integrity of the digital signature.

A digital signature should not be confused with an electronic signature, which is a digitised image of a handwritten signature.

Is an eTranscript different to a PDF version of a paper transcript?

Yes. Because an eTranscript has a digital signature, third parties can immediately verify its authenticity and easily check whether it has been modified.

An eTranscript will confirm your true status as a UQ graduate – along with listing your grades and qualifications.

What if a third party won't accept an eTranscript?

You may need to provide a paper academic transcript. Some organisations will want to sight the original, while others will accept a certified copy.

How can I check the authenticity of an eTranscript?

To verify the authenticity of an eTranscript, open the PDF file with Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or another suitable PDF reader.

If the digital signature is valid, a blue bar will display at the top of the PDF along with a statement that the eTranscript is “Certified by The University of Queensland”.

This blue bar is only visible when the PDF is viewed online and cannot be seen when the file is printed.

If you are viewing a printed copy of an eTranscript, you should not assume it is authentic or accurate.

What does a yellow triangle on an eTranscript mean?

A yellow triangle may appear in the blue bar on an eTranscript if you:

  • attempt to view the PDF for the first time without an internet connection, or
  • if Adobe Reader has disabled the Adobe Approved Trust List.

Check your internet connection, or your settings. You may need to update Adobe Reader.

If you are a third party, you should not trust an eTranscript if a yellow triangle is present. You may want to verify the applicant's qualifications, or undertake further research.

What does a red cross on an eTranscript mean?

If the blue bar on an eTranscript contains a red cross, this means the PDF file was modified after it was signed. The eTranscript should not be trusted as authentic or accurate.