3. Academic dress

Order your academic dress as soon as possible after completing your 'Conditional Graduation Application form'.

The colours on UQ's academic dress (or regalia) correspond with the level of your degree. For example, bachelor's graduands wear pearl white, while master's graduands wear empire blue, and so on.

When you order academic dress through our official supplier, you'll automatically be given the correct regalia for your degree.

How to order

The official provider of academic dress is Reed Graduations. When you enter your student ID on their website, the academic dress for your degree will appear.

Ordering regalia through Reed Graduations is the only way to guarantee you'll receive the correct academic dress. Other providers may not be able to supply the correct UQ hood colours even if the academic dress is labeled as UQ regalia.

Read about or order regalia from Reed Graduations

Collect your academic dress

You will pick up your regalia on the day of your ceremony. Collection times will depend on your ceremony time.

St Lucia

Collect your academic dress from Level 2 of the Michie Building (9):

Ceremony time Collect from
10am 8am
11am 9am
1pm 11am
2.30pm 12.30pm
6pm 4pm


Collect your academic dress from the lower level of Morrison Hall (8123):

Ceremony time Collect from
9.30am 7.30am
11.30am 9.30am
2.30pm 12.30pm

Return your academic dress

All academic dress must be returned to the pick-up points within 2 hours of the completion of your ceremony.

If you have any questions, check with Reed Graduations staff when you collect your academic dress.

How can we help?

Contact the Graduations Office:

(07) 3365 9194


Download the full graduation ceremony schedule:

Ceremony schedule (PDF, 166.5 KB)