Summer Semester is an optional third semester for UQ students, or an opportunity to discover new knowledge and skills for non-UQ students.

6. Enrolling and sign-on

1. Enrol using mySI-net

Once your application is approved, you will be sent your UQ username and password, so you can sign in to mySI-net and enrol in courses.

Please note that being admitted to Summer Semester isn't the same as enrolling in a course. After you are admitted, you must enrol to begin studying.

For new students, advice about enrolling online is available on the Starting at UQ website. Current students should see the Enrolment and Class Sign-on page. 

2. View your timetable

Summer Semester timetable information is available through 'Enrolments and Timetables' > 'Courses and Timetable Info' in mySI-net. Please ensure 'Summer Semester' is selected from the semester drop-down menu.

Timetables are subject to change, especially during the first two weeks of semester. Enrolment numbers may affect which rooms a course is taught in (and room availability may affect what time a course can be offered).

Check your timetable regularly on mySI-net for changes to course times and room allocations, particularly during the first two weeks of semester.

See the Planning your Class Timetable page for more information about class timetables.

3. Sign-on to classes

Some courses offer multiple options for lecture times or class times. In these instances, you may need to sign-on to a particular class (i.e. you may need to sign-on to a specific lecture or a specific tutorial at a specific time).

To check if your course requires class sign-on:

  1. Log in to mySI-net.
  2. Go to 'Enrolments & Timetables'.

Your courses will be displayed through myPage. If a course requires class sign-on, a 'signon' link will appear.

See the Enrolment and Class Sign-on page for further instructions.

Sign-on for Summer Semester courses opens in mid-November.

Sign-on as early as possible secure a spot in your preferred class.

4. Collect your student ID card

Summer Semester students must have a student ID card for campus identification, borrowing library materials, attending some classes, and gaining entry to exam rooms.

I'm a current UQ student

Continue using your existing student ID card.

I'm a new student for Summer Semester

New students can collect their student ID card one business day after they enrol via mySI-net (i.e. one day after you add at least one course via mySI-net).

Please bring proof of identity (e.g. a driver's licence, passport) and confirmation of your offer to study (e.g. your acceptance email/letter).

See the Starting at UQ website for more information, including where to get your student ID.