Summer Semester is an optional third semester for UQ students, or an opportunity to discover new knowledge and skills for non-UQ students.

1. Why study in Summer Semester?

Summer Semester offers several hundred undergraduate and postgraduate courses, taught during an intensive eight-week study period.

  • Finish your degree faster (if you're a UQ student) or study to satisfy a program's prerequisites.
  • Discover new subject areas like anthropology, criminology, economics, business, or creative writing.
  • Study during a concentrated period and in smaller classes than ordinary semesters.
  • Gain experience studying at university.
  • Develop new skills and new ways of understanding the world.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to study with a diverse group of people in a supportive environment.

If you're considering enrolling in Summer Semester because you want to satisfy program prerequisites or entry requirements, please contact Admissions for advice: