In this section we’ll teach you how to use a system called mySI-net, which is the control centre for student administration at UQ.

Among other things, mySI-net lets you:

  • enrol in courses
  • drop courses
  • sign-on to classes
  • update personal information.

mySI-net is the equivalent of a permanent record for UQ students. It’s used by both staff and students.

During your time at UQ you’ll always use mySI-net at the beginning of each semester to enrol in courses, sign-on, and check your personal details are up to date.

When you work through the 'Enrol' section, we recommend keeping Starting at UQ open in one window and mySI-net open in another window.

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Log in to Starting at UQ for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your mySI-net profile, enrol in your courses and sign-on to classes.

Before you enrol

Here's what you need to do first:

  •  Accept your offer
  •  Activate your student account
  •  Choose your courses
  •  Draft a timetable
  •  Shortlist classes for sign-on

Report any problems you experience with the Starting at UQ website.