Summer Semester is an optional third semester for UQ students, or an opportunity to discover new knowledge and skills for non-UQ students.

3. What can I study?

A list of Summer Semester courses is published every year. Please note that available courses may change from year to year.

View 2018/19 Summer Semester courses

Before deciding to enrol, please carefully read course details to determine if you meet eligibility requirements. Some courses may be restricted or have specific prerequisites.

If you're a current UQ student, please note that you must not enrol in more than 6 units during Summer Semester.

If you want to enrol in more than 6 units, you will need special permission from your faculty's Associate Dean (Academic).

For more information, see section 9 of the Enrolment Procedures.

Timetable information

Summer Semester timetable information is available through 'Enrolments & Timetables' > 'Course & Timetable Info' in mySI-net.

Please ensure 'Summer Semester' is selected from the semester drop-down menu.

Timetables are subject to change, especially during the first two weeks of semester.

Enrolment numbers may affect which rooms a course is taught in (and room availability may affect what time a course can be offered).