All HDR theses are to be uploaded via the UQ eSpace (PDF, 800K) as part of the submission requirements.

If your thesis does not meet UQ’s requirements, the Thesis Examinations team will contact you with feedback regarding amendments required.

After the Graduate School confirms your thesis meets the University’s requirements, which includes checking the thesis preliminary pages (DOC), the submission of your thesis will be officially recorded.

Your enrolment will change to ‘thesis under examination’. You will continue to have access to the library and your student email. You will also retain access to mySI-net and you are still required to maintain your mySi-net student record including updating address and contact details. It is important to regularly check your student email account to ensure you are receiving all official University communications.

1. International candidates

As an international candidate you must upload your thesis to the UQ eSpace (PDF, 800K) 14 days prior to the research quarter census date to ensure any submission problems can be rectified to avoid you paying tuition fees. If the officially recorded date of submission is on or before the census date, you will not pay tuition fees for the research quarter in which you submitted. Further information on census dates and research quarters.