Your thesis must demonstrate the outcome of a sustained program of supervised research that has produced original findings, and constitutes a coherent and cogent argument communicating the significant aspects of research and writing undertaken while enrolled.

Your thesis must also:

  • provide a contribution to knowledge with a level of originality consistent with 3-4 years full-time study for a PhD and 1-2 years full-time study for an MPhil
  • reveal your capacity to relate the research topic to the broader framework of knowledge of the disciplinary area in which your research falls
  • be clearly, accurately and cogently written, and suitably documented
  • make clear (in the Statements at the beginning of the thesis and in the body of the thesis) which work has been performed by you and in which cases the results obtained by another person have been analysed and used in the thesis.

1. Presentation

You are responsible for the content of your thesis, therefore it is essential that you carefully proof-read your thesis prior to submission to ensure that typographical and text issues are avoided.

To assist you with the editing of your thesis, you may choose to engage the services of a professional editor. The Institute of Professional Editors has provided valuable information for candidates and student advisors and the links below provide further information about thesis editing including the required Australian standards.

Elite Editing

Elite Editing offers a Thesis Write-up Scholarship that provides $6,000 tax-free to one research postgraduate student per year who does not hold another scholarship (or $3,600 tax free if the student holds another scholarship) so they may focus on the completion of their thesis for a period of 12 weeks. Applications close on 30 June. The scholarship will be awarded prior to 31 July.