1. Academic transcripts

An academic transcript is an official legal record that lists all the courses you have completed at UQ.

Each transcript shows:

  • your program
  • the results you achieved for each course studied
  • your GPA for each semester or trimester, and
  • your official qualification (after you graduate).

Both current UQ students and UQ graduates can order an academic transcript, either online or in person. 

Academic transcripts can't be provided for select courses, select programs, or specific study periods.

In the lead up to December graduation ceremonies, the online ordering system for academic transcripts will be closed from 11.55pm on Tuesday, 28 November. All orders submitted and paid for by 28 November will be dispatched by COB Friday 1 December. If you urgently require a transcript, you can still order one in-person. The online ordering system will open again at 12.05am on Thursday, 14 December.

Order online

The online ordering system can be used for academic transcripts or certificates of award.

If you are waiting for end-of-semester results, please select 'delayed processing' on your online order to ensure your transcript is produced after the release of results.

Order transcript

Cost and order times

New or replacement documents cost:

Document Cost
Academic transcript (1974 to present) $15
Academic transcript Gatton (pre-1990) $25
Academic transcript (pre-1974) $25
Certificate of Award $25

It may take several days for your order to be processed. From the date of your payment, please allow:

Document Year Order time
Academic transcript 1990 to present Three working days
Academic transcript pre-1990 Seven working days
Certificate of award 1990 to present Three working days
Certificate of award pre-1990 Seven working days


To check the progress of your order:

For pre-1990 records at Gatton:

  • Phone: (07) 5460 1276.

Order in person

If you visit a Student Centre in person, a new or replacement academic transcript (from 1990 to present) can be issued at the front counter. The cost is $25.

Another person can collect your fast-turnaround transcript for you. The person must be authorised by you and must present photo ID.

To authorise the person please do one of the following:

  •  Complete a Student Authorisation form (PDF, 389KB) and submit to a Student Centre in advance.
  •  Log in to UQ Answers and submit an authorisation message. In your message, state:
    • your full name, date of birth and student number,
    • the full name and date of birth of the person you are authorising, and
    • what you are authorising the person to do (i.e. order and collect a fast-turnaround transcript).
  •  Phone the Student Centre: (07) 3365 2600.

What's the difference between an academic transcript and a...

Studies report

A studies report is a progressive report of your results that you can view on mySI-net.

It contains similar information to your official academic transcript, but it cannot be used for official purposes.

Degree certificate

A degree certificate (or testamur) is an official legal document imprinted with the University seal and signed by the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, and the Academic Registrar.

It includes your full name, the degree you completed (e.g. Bachelor of Arts), and, in some cases, any majors you completed (e.g. Economics).

Testamurs are presented to students when they graduate.

Certificate of Award

A Certificate of Award is a letter from The University of Queensland, which states your name, any degrees you have been awarded, and their conferral dates.

It is not the same as a degree certificate (or testamur).

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

An Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is designed to be the Australian equivalent of a European Diploma Supplement.

It provides a standardised description of your degree, the University, your academic achievements, and the Australian higher education sector.

The AHEGS was introduced to ensure Australian students could provide appropriate documents for international employment opportunities. It is presented to students when they graduate.