4. Show cause response – outcomes

After you submit your show cause response, it will be sent to your faculty’s Associate Dean (Academic) for careful consideration. The Associate Dean’s decision will be sent to your student email address.

You may also need to attend an interview at your faculty. This interview is an opportunity for your faculty to better understand your academic performance.

(Note: If you previously attended a faculty interview about your academic progress, this requirement may be waived.)

There are two possible outcomes of the show cause process:

1. The Associate Dean (Academic) will approve your response.

You will be notified of this outcome via your student email address. Your ability to enrol using mySI-net will be reactivated, if needed.

Sometimes the Associate Dean (Academic) will attach conditions to your approval to re-enrol.

These conditions are designed to help rehabilitate your academic performance (e.g. you may be required to seek learning assistance from Student Services, or to enrol in fewer courses).

We expect you to take personal responsibility for meeting any conditions specified by the Associate Dean (Academic).

If you have difficulty meeting conditions, or if you do not understand what you have to do, speak to an advisor at your faculty as soon as possible.

2. The Associate Dean (Academic) will refuse your response.

You will be notified of this outcome via your student email address. In the email, the Associate Dean (Academic) may set conditions that you must meet before your show cause response is re-considered.

If your response is refused, you have the option of appealing to the University Senate.

If you choose not to appeal, your enrolment will be cancelled. If you are enrolled in the current semester: your courses will be cancelled and any financial liability for the current semester will be removed.

If you want to continue studying at the University, you will be eligible to submit another show cause response in the same semester of the following year.

UQ procedures: Academic Progression.