2. Enrolment dates

For the purposes of enrolment, there are four important dates to be aware of:

  1. Due date to enrol. This date may be different for domestic students and international students. It is your responsibility to enrol in at least one course by the correct due date.
  2. Final date for addition of courses or alteration of enrolment. For standard semesters, this is at the end of Week 2.
  3. Census Date. Your fee liability is finalised on this date based on your enrolment details. It is also the last date you can apply for a HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan, and the last date you can withdraw from courses without incurring any financial penalties. 
  4. Last date to withdraw from courses without academic penalty. After Census Date you are financially liable for courses, but you can still withdraw without academic penalty until this date. 

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