University policies and procedures apply to many aspects of student life. As a UQ student, you must comply with both University-wide and program-specific regulations.

This page provides links to key policies and rules relevant to students. You can also search the Policy and Procedures Library (PPL) for specific topics.


Policies and procedures must be read alongside the rules of your specific program.

The Courses and Programs website is a comprehensive directory of UQ programs, dating from 2008 to present. After you search for your program, you can view its program rules.

You must consult the program rules for the year you first enrolled in a program (i.e. if you enrolled in an arts degree in 2016, consult the Bachelor of Arts program rules for 2016).

In some instances, you may be allowed to consult newer or updated program rules – check with an advisor in your faculty for confirmation.


Please note that as of April 4, 2017, the following University rules have been incorporated into the Policies and Procedures Library

  • Admission Rules, 
  • Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules, and
  • General Award Rules (excluding Part 4). 

We have created the following mapping documents to help you find where these rules are now located in the PPL: