All students can use computers in the UQ Library and in other study spaces. Computer labs may also be available through your faculty or school, depending on the program you're studying.

To use a UQ computer, log in with your UQ account.

If you're saving work, use your H: drive, cloud storage or a USB drive. You can also email files to yourself. You can't save files on the UQ computer's desktop or on its local drives.

If you have a disability, you may be eligible to use our computer facilities for students with a disability.

General-use shared computers

Every campus has shared computers for all students; however, many of these computers are in rooms booked for classes or other purposes.

Feel free to use computers when these rooms aren't in use, but you'll need to leave if a class or other event is scheduled.

If there's a timetable displayed outside the room, you can check that to find out when the room is available.

To find study spaces with computers or other facilities, browse through study spots on your campus:

Gatton students: go to the Student Centre to request 24-hour access to the Computer Annexe (Building 8159). You'll then be able to access the room by swiping your student ID card.


This software is installed on general-use computers:

  • Adobe Reader DC
  • Adobe Flash
  • Endnote
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office
  • Sophos Antivirus
  • VLC.

You can't install other software on these computers.


You can print from these computers through the UQ Library's printing system. Make sure you have credit on your printing account.

You'll need to go to a UQ Library location to collect your printing. Follow the printing instructions for more information.

Code of conduct

You must follow this code of conduct if you're using shared computers. If you don't comply with the code, it may result in disciplinary action.

To learn more about expectations for conduct and the consequences of misconduct, read about academic integrity and student conduct.

  1. You must obey the Acceptable Use of UQ ICT Resources Policy whenever you use UQ's IT facilities or services.
  2. You must not bring food, drinks or pets into any computer lab.
  3. You must not install any software on shared computers. All software installations are monitored.
  4. All internet traffic is recorded against your account and will be monitored.
  5. Internet access is provided for teaching and course-related work only.
  6. You must not access pornographic, gambling or gaming websites.
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Library computers

Every branch of the UQ Library has computers that all students can use

Go to the UQ Library website to find out more about locations, computer availability, software and more.

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Faculty and school computer labs

Some faculties and schools have computer labs that can be accessed by students in certain programs. These labs may have specialised hardware or software.

Contact your school or faculty to ask about computer labs relevant to your studies. Otherwise, these faculties have information about their computer labs online:

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