Every UQ student has an account that provides access to a range of online resources. Accounts are supplied and managed by Information Technology Services (ITS).

Student accounts are created when new students are made offers to study at UQ. Your student account includes:

  • a UQ username and password
  • 50GB of monthly data
  • an official UQ email address with 50GB of storage
  • 100MB of file storage
  • wifi access on campus
  • on and off-campus access to UQ’s VPN (virtual private network).

Go to Starting at UQ to find out how to activate your account after accepting your offer.

Student usernames

Your student account username is based on your student number, but is different to your student number.

If your student number begins with a 4:

Your username starts with an ‘s’ followed by the first seven digits of your student number (e.g. s4123456).

Use this username to log in to mySI-net, my.UQ, Single sign-on, and campus computers.

If your student number begins with a 3:

Your username starts with an ‘s’ followed by six digits: drop the first and last digits from your student number and use the remaining digits (e.g. if your student number is 3123 4567, your student username is s123456).

Use this username to log in to mySI-net, my.UQ, Single sign-on, and campus computers.

Usernames for HDR students

Many HDR students have both a staff account and a student account, which have different usernames and passwords.

Make sure you log in with your student account if you want to access any student-only resources, or make any enquiries about your studies or program.

Under 18 accounts

If you're under 18 years of age, you have to get your parents' consent to use an internet connection provided by UQ.

Fill out the Internet Access Permission for Under 18s form to apply for access.

Multiple UQ accounts

Some students have several relationships with UQ (for example, they are an HDR student as well as a staff member) and may have multiple user accounts. UQ is introducing a single UQ identity to link together all the user accounts that belong to an individual.

This single UQ identity won't affect how you access any services at UQ — you'll still use your usual username and password to log in. 

Data use

UQ web pages and most Australian university websites don't count towards your monthly data allowance.

You can buy more data from the front counter of the Prentice Centre (42) on St Lucia campus, if you need to. HDR students should ask their school or institute for more data.

File storage

You can access your student hard drive (H: drive) by logging in to the my.UQ dashboard and selecting 'myFiles' from the side menu.

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