Zoom is a video conferencing, online meeting and instant messenger application available for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Accessing Zoom

Zoom is available free-of-charge on UQ-owned computers for UQ staff and students. Use the Microsoft Software Center or Mac Self Service to install Zoom on a UQ-owned computer. You can also read the Zoom user guides to get Zoom working.

Home use

  • Staff: you can use Zoom for work purposes only, including when accessing Zoom on a personal computer using a UQ licence.
  • Students: you can only use Zoom in connection with UQ studies or services.

UQ Zoom terms of use

Read the full Zoom terms of use before using any Zoom product.

The Zoom service is provided by AARNet Pty Ltd (‘APL’), Zoom Video Communications Inc (‘Zoom’, an overseas entity), and by their related entities and service providers (‘Service Providers’), and if you choose to use the Zoom service you agree, as an ‘end user’, your use is on and subject to the following terms:

  • If you are a UQ staff member, you must only use the Zoom service for work purposes;
  • If you are a UQ student, you must only use the Zoom service in connection with UQ studies or services;
  • You will not use the Zoom service for, and will not while using the Zoom service commit or engage in, any illegal act, conduct or purpose (including any crime or any defamatory or discriminatory act or conduct) or any act or conduct that UQ’s determines in its reasonable opinion is offensive, intimidatory or discriminatory or in breach of any of UQ’s rules or policies and procedures;
  • Your account for, access to and use of the Zoom service may be monitored and administered (including modified) by UQ, APL, Zoom and their Service Providers;
  • Your account for, access to and use of the Zoom service may be suspended or terminated at any time with or without cause;
  • You agree end user’s personal information (such as names, user names and email addresses) may be shared with and visible to other users of the Zoom service;
  • You agree end user’s information (including your personal information such as names and email addresses and any information you input into the Zoom service and service related usage data and meta data) may be collected, stored, used and disclosed by UQ, APL, Zoom and their Service Providers (including overseas) as they reasonably require to assist in the provision of the Zoom service and as otherwise permitted or required by any law;
  • You will comply with all terms and conditions of use notified by APL, Zoom and their Service Providers and you authorise UQ to act on your behalf in relation to APL, Zoom and other Service Providers for the Zoom service (including accepting terms and conditions applicable to both UQ and end users for use of the Zoom service); and
  • You agree that, to the extent permitted by law, neither UQ, APL, Zoom nor other Service Provides have any liability to you in connection with the Zoom service or your use of it and, except for claims that cannot by law be excluded, you will not make any claims against any of the aforementioned in connection with the Zoom service.

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