UQ apps have to meet certain technical and design standards and we can give you advice whether you're working on an app for an assignment or for public use.

We can tell you about:

  • UQ's IT infrastructure
  • coding requirements
  • style and branding.

While we can't do any development work for you, we are interested in any ideas that will help our staff and students.

Submit an IT request to explain your ideas and to talk to someone who can help.

Before you develop an app

Before you develop an app for UQ, here are some things to consider:

UQ account details

Don't ask a user to authenticate with their UQ account details. If you believe this is necessary for your app, contact us.

UQ coding and systems

We can advise you on:

  • information about how we code at UQ. Coding your app in a way that's consistent with our conventions may increase the chance we can offer support for your app.
  • how your app can work with our IT infrastructure to reduce strain on our systems.

UQ branding

If you're creating an app for public use, you have to get permission from the Office of Marketing and Communication (OMC) to use any part of UQ's logo or brand.

If you're creating an app for a UQ course, you are allowed to use UQ branding as long as the app is only used for your course and isn't distributed publicly.

Email omccorporateid@uq.edu.au to request permission or to ask any other questions about using UQ's brand.

Restricted information about UQ

If you have access to information that isn't publicly available, you must get permission from UQ before you can share this information with other people.

A lot of information about UQ is publicly available, but there may still be restrictions on how this information can be used. For example, your right to use information you find online may be limited by:

  • a website's terms of use
  • restrictions implied by law (e.g. copyright).


Make sure you have the legal right to use any photos you intend to include in your app.

For photos you didn't take yourself, the legal rights will generally belong to another person or organisation, and you'll usually need their consent to use it.

For photos you did take, be wary of using them if they are of people who can be identified or recognised (unless those people have approved the use of their image).

Selling your app

If you have an innovative idea, UQ Ventures has programs that support students to create startups and bring products to market.

We sometime buy apps or give permission for them to be placed in the UQ section of the App Store. Following the advice on this page may increase your chances of selling your app.

We're here to help

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