mySI-net was given a makeover in April 2018. To better understand how to use the new interface, information below can guide you.

Logging in to mySI-net

Once you activate your student account, you can log in to mySI-net. Log in through the my.UQ Dashboard or directly through mySI-net

If you don't have a username and password, contact a Student Centre. If you are having problems logging in, visit AskUs in the UQ Library

Task Wizard

The first time you log in to mySI-net, you will be presented with the Task Wizard. This list of simple tasks must be completed before you can enrol in your courses. It will appear every time you log in until you have finished each task.

For more information on completing the Task Wizard, go to Starting at UQ

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How to use mySI-net

When you log in to mySI-net, you will see two buttons at the top of your page:

  • Home: lets you to return to your homepage from any mySI-net page. 
  • Actions: lets you to sign-out when you have finished using mySI-net.

These buttons will appear at the top of every page and can be used to navigate the system.

See an image of the mySI-net homepage

mySI-net tiles

You can also navigate mySI-net using the tiles on the homepage. Each tile will take you to a list of related tasks. Just click on the appropriate tile and select the task you would like to complete.

Tile Tasks
Student Account  See your student account balance.
Tasks and Messages
  • View any unread messages or incomplete tasks
  • Complete the Task Wizard before you commence your program.
mySI-net Requests
Personal Details
Enrolments and Timetables
mySI-net Placements

Manage your student placements.

This tile will only be active if you are a medicine student and your study involves a placement. All other placements will be managed in InPlace.

Higher Degree Research

This tile will only be active if you are a Higher Degree by Research student.

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mySI-net help and support

The mySI-net Help homepage provides answers to many common questions students come across while using mySI-net.

To access the Help homepage, click the arrow next to 'mySI-net Student' at the top of any mySI-net page. Then select 'Help'.

See the location of mySI-net Help

If you are using a mobile, swipe across the page and select 'Help'.


Questions answered

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