This page will help you organise leave, change your enrolling school or institute, or alter your enrolment status.

If your request isn't future dated, all changes to enrolment will be effective from the date the Graduate School receives your fully-endorsed request.

The only exception is sick leave accompanied by a medical certificate, which can be considered retrospectively in certain circumstances.

Changing your research project or thesis title

If you wish to change your research project or thesis title please submit one of the following requests:

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Change of research project

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Change of thesis title

Changing your HDR program

Transfer from a PhD to an MPhil

A confirmed PhD candidate may transfer to confirmed MPhil at any stage of their candidature. A provisional PhD candidate may transfer to provisional MPhil prior to completion of the confirmation milestone.

Transfer from an MPhil to a PhD

Provisional MPhil candidates are not permitted to transfer to the PhD. Confirmed MPhil candidates are permitted to transfer to provisional PhD only. All transfer requests must be submitted prior to completion of the MPhil mid-candidature review.

Please refer to section 11 of the Higher Degree by Research Admission Procedures for eligibility requirements.

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Change of HDR program

Changing advisory team

Sometimes you may request a change of advisory team. If you do not wish to continue with your current Principal Advisor and no other person is available or willing to act as your Principal Advisor, the Graduate School may withdraw you from candidature because the University cannot meet its responsibility to provide you with adequate advisory support.

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Change of advisor or advisory team

Changing enrolling school or institute

Sometimes it may be necessary to change your enrolling unit. Before applying to change your enrolling school or institute, you should discuss the requirements of your research project with the postgraduate coordinator from the school/institute you wish to change to and a clear agreement should be reached on the resources and facilities which will be available.

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Change of enrolling school or institute

Changing between full-time or part-time

You are able to change your attendance between full-time and part-time.

  • Full-time candidates are expected to study for at least the equivalent of a standard five-day working week, for example 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, for 48 weeks of the year. The actual pattern of research and study is to be negotiated by the candidate, their advisory team, and enrolling School.
  • Part-time candidates are expected to engage in research and study for the equivalent of at least 50% of the full-time rate over the course of a year. If you wish to change to part-time and you are on a scholarship, you should ensure that your scholarship can be held on a part-time basis before submitting your request.
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Change of academic load

Change your attendance between full-time and part-time.

International candidates

International HDR candidates who hold a student visa are not eligible for part-time enrolment under the terms of their visa. Only international candidates who are remote or who hold an alternative visa can enrolled be part-time.

Changing to remote or on-campus

Domestic candidates who do not reside within daily commuting distance of any of UQ’s three main campuses (St Lucia, Gatton, or Herston) may request enrolment as a remote candidate.

International candidates who are on a student visa cannot be recorded as remote onshore within Australia due to government legislation. International candidates who are living overseas or those who are required to travel overseas to conduct research as part of their project, may be granted remote status

Please note the following when you are a remote candidate:

  • You and your advisory team must maintain regular contact (by email, telephone, Skype, or in person). These arrangements must be documented and supplied as part of your application for remote status.
  • You must have access to all necessary facilities (such as equipment, library resources, etc.).
  • You must continue to make satisfactory progress with your research.

Remote status must be approved by the Graduate School and your enrolling unit or at the point of application for admission. Please note that not all research projects can be conducted on a remote basis and your enrolling unit may have extra policies regarding remote status.

International or Domestic students in receipts of scholarship, including Tuition fee scholarships, may be required to relinquish their scholarship if a request to change to remote status is for personal reasons.

When you return to campus from overseas, or from residing remotely within Australia, you will need to inform the Graduate School via a notification of remote status.

Benefits of registering your remote status:

  • lower Student Services and Amenities Fee
  • notification of opportunities specifically for remote candidates
  • lower tuition fees.
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Notification of remote status

If you are travelling as part of your PhD program ensure you register your travel appropriately.

Your School/Institute Field Work Officer should be able to advise further.

Enrol in a second degree program

If you would like to enrol in a second degree program, you should discuss this with your advisory team and Postgraduate Coordinator first. Your advisory team needs to be satisfied that the additional work will not impact on your HDR progress.

You also need to ensure that your enrolment in both programs adequately reflects the time you have allocated to each. For example, should you change from full-time to part-time or vice versa? Once you have made these considerations and gained the support of your advisory team and Postgraduate Coordinator, you need to apply for permission for concurrent enrolment to the Graduate School.

Your progress will also be discussed at each of your milestones. If it is determined that enrolment in the second degree program is negatively impacting on your HDR progress, then you may be liable for withdrawal without academic penalty.

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Enrol in a concurrent program

Enrol in or cancel additional courses

You can undertake additional courses as part of your program. If these courses are related to your HDR program then they do not incur any tuition fees or HECS liability and all results are recorded on the academic transcript.

Enrolment in additional courses will only be approved when the courses are deemed relevant to your research project or are required by your enrolling School/Institute as part of the research training undertaken there.

Enrolment in additional courses cannot exceed one third of the total workload of the degree (10 units for a MPhil candidate, 20 units for a PhD candidate).

Important dates apply when deciding to enrol/cancel additional courses:

  • Final date to add courses. This is the last day you can add new courses or swap courses.
  • Last date to withdraw from courses without academic penalty. This is the last day you can withdraw from your studies with a grade of 'W' – course cancelled without academic penalty. A 'W' won't affect your grade point average. If there are extraordinary or exceptional circumstances after this date, you may still be eligible to withdraw without academic penalty.

To see when these dates occur for each semester, check the Academic Calendar.

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Enrolment in or cancellation of additional courses