Orientation and settling in

Meet new students and get acquainted with your new community

You've finished! What happens now?

You've completed Starting at UQ! Now it’s time to visit the Orientation website and settle in to life at UQ.

Your first few weeks will be an exciting and busy time, but they might also feel a bit daunting. Take the pressure off by starting with realistic expectations and attending Orientation – you'll find your feet in no time.

Orientation Week, or O-Week, is held in the week before classes start in Semester 1 and Semester 2. It's designed to introduce you to academic and student life at UQ and offers great opportunities to meet new people.

O-Week sessions for you

Log in for a personalised list of compulsory O-Week sessions, along with more information to help you find your feet.

It's time for UQ boot camp

Find out more about your program, meet people and discover support services

Compulsory sessions - Anonymous and authenticated - ALL

There are a range of workshops and information sessions to choose from, so find the ones that suit your needs and add them to your schedule.
O-Week events are the perfect opportunity to get involved in student life, meet new friends and get a taste of the rich student experience only found at UQ.
With 16 branches and millions of physical and digital resources, UQ has one of the largest research collections in Australia. Attend a library session and learn how to find and use resources for your study.

Getting started information session - Anonymous and Authenticated only – ALL

Make the transition to life at UQ smoother by attending a Getting Started session. There are lots of times to choose from, so find one that suits your needs and add it to your schedule.

What to expect

Starting uni is exciting, but it's easy to overlook some of the differences between university and high school study.

Here's what you need to know

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Support and services

There are support networks on every campus to help with your questions or problems

UQ Library

UQ librarians are amazing: they can help you find sources for your assignments, find answers to your research questions and give you advice for putting together a reference list.

Student Centre

Student Centres are on every UQ campus – they'll help with all your questions about enrolling, fees and charges, and student administration. If you're ever unsure who to ask, visit a Student Centre. They'll point you in the right direction.

Technical support

Can’t log in to mySI-net? Colour wheel won't stop spinning? Visit one of our AskUs help desks, located in eight branches of the UQ Library. Staff are ready to help with your IT problems.

Career planning

Where can your degree take you? How can you boost your professional readiness? The UQ Student Employability Centre can help you plan for your post-university future.


Our mentoring programs can connect you with fellow students who have excelled in their studies, so you can learn from their experiences and talk through any questions, problems or ideas.

Proofreaders list

UQ Union has put together a list of proofreaders who can read through your assessment and correct any grammar or spelling mistakes. Proofreaders usually charge a fee for their services.

Study workshops

Student Services hosts a range of workshops where you'll learn how to get the most out of your studies, tackle assignments and prepare for exams.

UQ Union

The UQ Union is the representative body for all UQ students. They’re responsible for advocating for UQ students both internally (within the University itself) and externally (on the national stage).

Student Services

Student Services offers support in everything from disability, welfare and accommodation to social activities and counselling. They also host regular workshops and offer online resources.

Student Help on Campus (SHOC)

SHOC is funded by the UQ Student Union and can help you with legal problems, migration and visa issues, student employment, general welfare, uni life, gender, sexuality, and more.


There are mentoring programs for all stages of your time at UQ, from new student and social support to career and industry programs. Visit the mentoring website to learn more.

UQ Security

The UQ Security team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. They provide campus safety escorts, a night-time safety bus service, and emergency response services.

Lost property

P.F. Assist manages both lost and found property during daytime office hours. If you’ve lost or found something after hours, you’ll have to contact UQ Security.

Child care

Independently operated child care, kindergarten and after-school-care services are available on or near all UQ campuses. Get in early – there can be long waitlists for on-campus care services.

UQ Health Care

UQ Health Care is an accredited general practice owned and operated by UQ. It provides bulk-billed health services to eligible current students. General medical and mental health services are available.

UQ Sport

Joining a team is a great way to meet new people and UQ Sport caters to all levels and abilities – you don’t have to be good at judo, bubble soccer, tap dancing, yoga, or whatever sport you choose. You just have to be willing to have a go.

Clubs and societies

Join in the fun with more than 220 clubs and societies! There's a club for almost everything, from specific degrees and academic disciplines to nautical adventures, religious fellowship, and magic.

UQ Mates

Meet new people, do fun things and have good times with UQ Mates. Join groups, events and activities and get the most out of your time at UQ.

Learn more

Student Services

Student Services can help you with adjusting to life in Australia, bringing dependent family here, English language support, and understanding University processes.

Student Help On Campus (SHOC)

SHOC is a free and independent support service available to all UQ students. In addition to academic and personal support, SHOC can help international students with any legal and migration advice.

UQU International Collective

The UQ Union's International Collective guides and supports new international students and advocates on your behalf. If you have a problem – go visit the collective! All international students have automatic membership.

Sponsored student support

If you have an external scholarship, UQ Global Engagement can help you understand your rights and responsibilities. They can also help you access support, and liaise with your sponsor.

Report any problems you experience with the Starting at UQ website.