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UQ offers a number of mentoring programs that provide valuable leadership and guidance through all stages of your time at UQ and beyond.

From supporting new students in the transition to uni life to fostering positive cultural, social and professional connections, this is your first stop in learning how you can get involved.

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UQ is recruiting O’ to 4 Mentors to help all new students settle into their faculty and university life

Mentoring programs

Programs vary from one on one, small group to peer community – find what works for you

Central programs

This program provides support during the transition to life at UQ during Orientation.

Mentor eligibility: Senior School of Earth and Environmental Science postgraduates
Mentee eligibility: First-year School of Earth and Environmental Science postgraduates
Through guidance and dedication, these programs enhance the futures of young students.

Mentor eligibility: Students over 18
Mentee eligibility: High School Students
Commencing students at St Lucia, Gatton & Herston connect with an experienced student to get started at UQ during O-Week to Week 4.

Mentor eligibility: Current students in second semester or beyond
Mentee eligibility: First semester student

Applications now open
This fun, interactive and informative week-long course was designed to make the transition to UQ the best it can be.

Mentor eligibility: Current students
Mentee eligibility: First-year students

Applications now open
Provide and receive academic and social guidance through dedicated online resources and occasional group events. Select the 'Knowledge-Making in the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences' link.

Mentor eligibility: Dean's Commendation list, or invitation by academics.
Mentee eligibility: All first-year HASS students

Applications now open
New Science students can get help transitioning and settling in to university life.

Mentor eligibility: Senior Science students
Mentee eligibility: First-year Science students
This Faculty of Medicine program connects members of all ages and backgrounds.

Mentor eligibility: Current Premedical Society members
Mentee eligibility: First-year Premedical Society members
The UQLS Law Buddy program helps new Law students make the transition to uni life.

Mentor eligibility: Current Law students
Mentee eligibility: First-year Law students

Social & Cultural card grid

Learn or develop non-native language skills by participating in authentic speaking opportunities.

Mentor eligibility: All students
Mentee eligibility: All students

Applications now open
Through UQ Mates you can join a 7 week meet-up program to build your social networks and get the most out of life at UQ.

Mentor eligibility: All students
Mentee eligibility: All students
A free support service for UQ international student family members, visiting professors, staff and research fellows.

Mentor eligibility: Tutors
Mentee eligibility: Students, Staff & Supporters

Applications now open

Academic programs card grid

Students can seek advice on drafts in a group setting on a range of academic writing types.

Mentor eligibility: Senior students
Mentee eligibility: Current students

Applications now open
This program is design to advise and support students studying first year Greek and Latin courses.

Mentor eligibility: Second-year or above classical languages students
Mentee eligibility: Studying GREK1110, LATN1110, GREK2120, LATN2120
Drop-in help sessions and targeted workshops run by postgraduate tutors.

Mentor eligibility: Postgraduate tutors of classics and ancient history
Mentee eligibility: Studying ANCH1240 and ANCH1250
Provides students studying business, economics and law with the opportunity to work on real life projects in the community sector.

Mentor eligibility: Second-year postgraduate BEL students.
Small groups of first-year chemistry students meet weekly for voluntary interactive study sessions.

Mentor eligibility: Current second and third-year students who have previously obtained a high mark for first-year chemistry courses.
Mentee eligibility: First-year chemistry students.

Diversity programs card grid

Zoom matches mentors with a lived experience of disability or mental health with new students to assist them with their university goals.

Mentor eligibility: Senior student (with lived experience)
Mentee eligibility: First-year students (with lived experience)

Applications now open

Career & industry programs

Share knowledge while getting exposure to early stage startups and founders, and give back to the startup community.

Mentor eligibility: Startup founders, expert service providers and investors
Mentee eligibility: All students
Connecting Engineering and IT students with industry professionals, this program aims to motivate and encourage young students.

Mentor eligibility: Industry professionals and alumni in the Engineering and IT sectors
Mentee eligibility: 3rd and 4th year Engineering or IT students
MBA students are given the opportunity to exercise leadership while working with community organisations.

Mentor eligibility: Community Organisations
Mentee eligibility: First-year MBA students
This program aims to help current BEL students make the transition from uni to the workforce.

Mentor eligibility: Professionals, Industry & Alumni
Mentee eligibility: Final year undergraduate and all postgraduate students, excluding MBA students
A bi-annual startup accelerator to help students build their business or social enterprise startups. connections.

Mentor eligibility: Startup founders, expert service providers and investors
Mentee eligibility: Undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and recent alumni participating in the accelerator
Early Career Researchers connect with leading industry mentors to: get connected, finesse research translation, and shape their career.

Mentor Eligibility: Experienced industry professional in a relevant field
Mentee eligibility: PhD students or Postdoctoral Researchers within UQ Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Did you know?

Completing any mentoring program at UQ can contribute towards the UQ Employability Award.

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