3. How to enrol

New students

Welcome to your first semester at UQ. Detailed information about enrolling is on the Starting at UQ website.

Continuing students

Welcome back. Please ensure you enrol in at least one course by the due date. Enrol in both semesters if you intend to study for the full academic year. Penalties apply for late enrolment.

I was enrolled in the previous year

Get started by logging in to mySI-net, then:

  • Go to ‘Enrolments & Timetables’ > ‘Enrolment Summary’ > ‘Add Course’.
  • Type in a course code and check details (campus, location, semester etc.)
  • Go to ‘Add Course’.

Repeat these steps to enrol in your other courses.

If you encounter any problems, contact your faculty or visit a Student Centre.

I wasn't enrolled in the previous year

Contact your faculty or visit a Student Centre for advice. More information is on the Returning to Study page.

I'm an approved cross-institutional student

Welcome to UQ! Follow the instructions on the Starting at UQ website.

If you encounter any problems, please contact your faculty or visit a Student Centre.

I'm a Higher Degree by Research student

Your enrolment is automatically maintained by the Graduate School. You aren't required to enrol in courses, unless you are studying a second degree or you want to study additional courses to develop your thesis.

More information is available through the Graduate School.

Problems enrolling

I'm having problems enrolling because I don't have access to a reliable internet connection.
Phone: (07) 3365 2600 during business hours to have an enrolment form posted to you. Please only request this form if you do not have reliable access to the internet (e.g. because you live in a rural or remote area).

I'm having trouble using or logging in to mySI-net.
Contact AskUs in the UQ Library.