This page explains the different payment methods available to UQ-Ochsner students.

Tuition fees

UQ-Ochsner tuition fees are charged in US dollars (USD). Make sure you enrol in courses with enough time to organise payment.

Invoices for each semester and medical rotation are available under 'Financials' in mySI-net. There are separate invoices for your tuition fees (US dollars) and other fees (Australian dollars).

Invoices are only available before you pay your fees. If you need keep a copy of the invoice, please print or email it to yourself before making payment. 

Tuition fees can be paid in the following ways:

Credit card

The online credit card payments service accepts payments in US dollars using Visa or Mastercard only.

We will send a payment confirmation to your nominated email address.

To protect your privacy, the University does not store credit card numbers.

Bank cheque

Make bank cheques payable to 'The University of Queensland' and write your invoice number or student number on the back of the cheque.

Mail your cheque with a copy of your invoice to:

Manager, Student Fees (UQ-Ochsner)
Level 2, J.D. Story Building
The University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072

After payment has been confirmed, you can download a 'Statement of Payments Received' from mySI-net.

The US dollar and Australian dollar components are available on separate statements, and each statement includes the amount paid.

Email if you are unable to pay using one of the methods above.

Other fees and charges

All other fees and charges are paid in Australian dollars (AUD). These fees and charges might include:

Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is charged in Australian dollars and is displayed in mySI-net. 

To pay the fee, go to the 'Financials' tile and click the 'Pay my fees now' link. Make sure the SSAF is paid by the due date.

Our preferred payment methods for the SSAF are:


Most Australian banks accept BPAY via their online or phone banking services:

  • Biller code: 18119
  • Customer reference number: Your 8-digit student number.

More information about BPAY is available on

Visa or Mastercard

Online payments can be made with an Australian-issued Visa or Mastercard. To make a payment, first log in to mySI-net, then:

  1. Click the 'Financials' tile
  2. Click 'Pay my fees now' in the left-hand side menu
  3. Click the Visa/Mastercard icon.

Other payment methods for administrative fees include:


Payment by post is limited to a cheque or money order, made out to The University of Queensland.

Your bank must have a branch in Australia to pay an administrative fee by cheque.

Payments must be made in Australian dollars.

Post your cheque or money order and a copy of your invoice to:

University Cashier
University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072

Please do not send cash through the post.

Please note that it can take several days for a cheque to clear.

Ensure you post your payment with enough time for it to arrive and clear by the relevant due date, otherwise you may be temporarily blocked from accessing some University facilities.

In person

Payments can be made at a Student Centre using credit card, debit card, cheque or money order.

Please bring a copy of your invoice when you make a payment.

Payments from overseas

Payments by post, Visa or Mastercard are preferred if you are paying administrative fees from overseas.

Due dates

All fees – including tuition fees (US dollars) and the Student Services and Amenities Fee (Australian dollars) – have to be received by the University by the relevant due date.

If you make changes to your enrolment after the fees due date, any additional fees must be paid within two days of the change.

Late payments

Your enrolment at the University is provisional until you have paid all fees and charges. A $100 late penalty applies if all your fees aren't paid by the fees due date. 

Late fees are charged in Australian dollars and are displayed in mySI-net. To pay late fees, go to the 'Financials' tile and click the 'Pay my fees now' link.

If your fees are still unpaid by Census Date your enrolment may be cancelled.

Tuition fee invoices

Tuition fee invoices are available under 'Financials' in mySI-net. There are separate invoices for your tuition fees (US dollars) and other fees (Australian dollars).

Please ensure you enrol in courses with enough time for the University to generate an invoice, so you can make a payment.

Tuition fee invoices will display:

  • the relevant study period (i.e. semester or medical rotation)
  • the payment due date
  • available payment methods, and
  • tuition fee amount owed.

Enrolled students can view tuition fee invoices in:

  • December: for Medical Rotation 1
  • January:  for Semester 1, Medical Rotation 2 and Medical Rotation 3
  • June: for Semester 2, Medical Rotation 4 and Medical Rotation 5.

Phase 2 students will receive separate invoices for each semester and each medical rotation. This is because Phase 2 students enrol in a 1-unit semester-based course each year, along with their medical rotations.

All invoices must be paid by the relevant due date.


If you have any questions about fees or payments, submit a question to UQ Answers, visit a Student Centre or contact Student Fees:

Due to Australian privacy laws, we are unable to discuss a student’s account with a parent or any other third party without the written consent of the student.

If you, the student, want to authorise someone to make tuition-fee related enquiries on your behalf, please send an email to from your UQ student email. 

In the email please state the name, date of birth, and contact email of the person you are authorising.