It is your responsibility to ensure your personal and contact details are correct and up to date in mySI-net. 

The way your name appears in mySI-net will be how your name is printed on any official records issued by the University, including any degree certificates and graduation documents

We also use your contact details for a range of important reasons – such as allocating students to a particular exam centre, or notifying your family, or you, of an emergency situation.

Please regularly check your address, phone numbers, and emergency contact in mySI-net

Change of name

To add, change or delete a name (including any middle names), you must:

  1. Complete the Change of Personal Details form (PDF),
  2. Provide original or certified evidence to support your request, and 
  3. Submit your form and evidence to a Student Centre.

Appropriate evidence to support your name change might include a:

  • birth certificate,
  • passport,
  • marriage certificate, or
  • name change certificate. 

Apply at least three weeks before the start of the graduations period if you want to change your name for an upcoming graduation ceremony. 

Change of name order for graduation

Before you graduate, you will have an opportunity to change the order of your name on your official graduation records and documents

About six weeks before graduation, potential graduands will receive an email with instructions about how to change the order of their name via the 'Graduation' page in mySI-net.

Please follow the steps in the email to ensure your name is displayed appropriately on your graduation documents.

Change of address or contact details

Use mySI-net to update your address or contact details:


  1. Log in to mySI-net.
  2. Click Personal > Addresses.
  3. Enter your new address details. 

Mobile and other phone numbers

  1. Log in to mySI-net.
  2. Click Personal > Telephone numbers.
  3. Enter your new phone number. 

Emergency contact

  1. Log in to mySI-net.
  2. Click Personal > Emergency contact.
  3. Ensure all details are correct.