SigmaPlot is scientific graphing and data analysis software for Microsoft Windows.

Accessing SigmaPlot

SigmaPlot is available on UQ computers free-of-charge. You can use Microsoft Software Centre to self-install SigmaPlot on a UQ computer managed by ITS. Ask your local IT support team or submit an IT request to have it install it on all other UQ-owned computers.

Home use

Only full-time, paid UQ staff are allowed to use SigmaPlot on personal computers. You can get a UQ licence for UQ work purposes on personal computers from UQ Software Licensing.

Unpaid, part-time and casual staff as well as all students cannot use SigmaPlot on personal computers using a UQ licence.

Conditions of use

SigmaPlot is available at UQ for academic and non-commercial research purposes. The licence is funded centrally and renewed every year on 11 February.

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