Adobe offers a suite of graphic, video, audio and other multimedia software. At UQ, these products are centrally funded through the Adobe Enterprise Term Licence Agreement (ETLA) and are free of charge for authorised users on UQ-owned computers.

Software products included

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC)

UQ's Creative Cloud licence does not include online services such as cloud storage or Behance Prosite, Color, Extension Manager, PhoneGap Build, Story Plus or Typekit Desktop fonts.

Accessing Adobe software

The listed Adobe products are available at no charge for:

  • UQ staff on UQ-owned computers
  • UQ students who are enrolled in a degree-granting course or an academic course of study on UQ-owned computers located in computer labs, libraries and classrooms.

You can't use Adobe products under UQ's licence agreement if you are a/an:

  • correspondence or long-distance learning student
  • alum
  • conference attendee
  • employee of a contracted company (not directly employed by UQ)
  • retired staff member (including faculty)
  • visitor
  • staff member based outside Australia (submit an IT request to discuss a different licence agreement).

Home use

Installing licensed Adobe software on UQ computers

If you are using a computer managed by ITS, you can use the Microsoft Software Centre to install some Adobe software included in UQ's licence agreement. For all other computers, contact your local IT support team or submit an IT request.

Adobe CC 2019 

Adobe CC 2019 licensing will move from being device-based to user-based. If you update to Adobe CC 2019 using the Software Centre, you will need to create an Adobe Creative Cloud account based on your UQ email address to sign in.

Staff and students can request an account by submitting an IT request.

How to sign in

To sign into Adobe CC 2019:

  1. Enter the UQ email address you used to sign up for your Adobe Creative Cloud account
  2. Click the sign in button
  3. Use Single Sign On (SSO) with your usual UQ username and password

Buying additional Adobe products

Products that are not included in the ETLA can be ordered separately through the ITS Software Catalogue in UniFi. These include:

Contact your Finance Professional Services team for help and include these details in the UniFi order:

  • name of the user
  • phone number
  • computer name.

Conditions of use

The licence agreement runs from 30 October 2018 to 29 October 2021 and entitles authorised UQ users to access the specified subset of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite on all UQ-owned computers.

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