4. Class sign-on dates

Some courses offer multiple options for class times.

After you enrol, you may need to sign-on to a particular class (i.e. you may need to sign-on to a specific lecture or a specific tutorial at a specific time).

Class sign-on usually happens about four weeks before semester begins, but you should check exact dates and times in mySI-net. Some courses have unique sign-on dates.

Get started by logging in to mySI-net, then go to ‘Enrolments & Timetables’ > ‘Enrolment Summary’.

Once timetables for the semester are available, a ‘signon’ link will appear. If you click on the link, you can see when sign-on opens for all your courses.

New students: instructions about class sign-on are available on the Starting at UQ website.

Enrolment numbers are limited. If your preferred class is full, you must select an alternative class. If the remaining class times cause a timetable clash, use the email function within mySI-net to contact the relevant person.