1. Overview

The University Senate is the peak governing body of the University.

One of Senate’s committees – the Senate Student Appeals Committee (SSAC) – hears student appeals relating to:

  • academic standing and showing cause
  • assessment
  • admission to programs not governed by the Admissions and Enrolments Policy
  • decisions made by an Executive Dean (or their nominee) directly affecting the student appealing
  • decisions made by the Dean of the Graduate School (or their nominee) relating to the administration of HDR programs
  • decisions made by the President of the Academic Board relating to changes to a finalised result
  • decisions not to award an OS-HELP loan, and
  • decisions to cancel a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship, a UQ Excellence Scholarship or a UQ Merit Scholarship.

The SSAC reviews and decides the outcome of appeals. There is no fee for lodging an appeal.

The SSAC does not hear complaints about all matters. See the Grievance Resolution Process page if your complaint does not fit into one of the categories outlined at the beginning of this section.

Grounds for appeal

When you appeal to the SSAC, you must have grounds. This means you can either:

  • supply new or additional information to support your case, or
  • develop and substantiate an argument about why the original decision did not comply with university policies, rules or procedures.

If you are appealing against the application of a rule or policy, you must:

  • explain why you think the rule or policy was applied unfairly in your case, and
  • give reasons why you think the decision should be reviewed.

The SSAC will determine whether or not the rules or policies were applied fairly in your case.

Your enrolment during the appeal process

Your enrolment will be maintained throughout the Senate appeal process.

If you are appealing a decision that affects your enrolment at the University (e.g. a show cause decision), you are allowed to remain enrolled on a provisional basis while your appeal is pending.

Please note that during the appeal process you cannot enrol in a course or program if you haven't met the prerequisites or academic requirements for that course or program.

If you have any questions about provisional enrolment during the SSAC appeal process, please email the Assistant Secretary: senatestudentappeals@uq.edu.au