1. Enrolment basics

Before you enrol

Before you can enrol in courses at UQ, you must:

  1. Apply for admission to the University.
  2. If you are successful, you will be made an offer.
  3. Accept your offer.

After you have accepted your offer, you are eligible to enrol in courses.

What is enrolling?

Enrolling is the process of registering the courses you intend to study for a semester. It is your responsibility to choose suitable courses and to enrol each semester.

You must enrol in at least one course by the due date.

Enrolment is how we determine:

  • which venues to allocate for a course (e.g. courses with large enrolment numbers will be allocated larger rooms),
  • how many classes to schedule (e.g. courses with large enrolments have more class options), and
  • how to properly allocate University resources to ensure course needs are met.

Please note that being admitted to the University isn't the same as enrolling in a course. After you are admitted, you must enrol in courses each semester to maintain your place in your program.

If you're in your first semester and you're not sure what courses to enrol in, please see the Starting at UQ website.

UQ procedures: Enrolment.