Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) is an antivirus product that protects Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux computers from malware, viruses, ransomware and advanced cyber security threats.

Accessing SEP

SEP will be installed on all UQ-managed computers in 2019.

  • Staff: you can submit an IT request to install SEP on your UQ-owned, unmanaged computer
  • Students: antivirus software will be installed on lab computers. You should install antivirus software on your personal devices.

UQ previously offered corporate antivirus software called Sophos. UQ’s license for Sophos is no longer available, so all versions of Sophos acquired from UQ should be removed from your computer.

SEP should remain enabled on all UQ computers at all times.

Home use

You should protect yourself from identity theft, financial loss and theft of your intellectual property by installing endpoint protection software on your computer.

UQ doesn’t provide antivirus software for home use, but suggests using a reputable service such as Symantec. Symantec’s Norton Security Deluxe is available for all UQ staff and students at a discounted price.

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