Sophos is an antivirus product for Microsoft Windows and macOS that protects computers from malware, viruses, ransomware and inappropriate websites.

Accessing Sophos

Sophos is installed on all UQ computers free-of-charge.

Sophos Home is available free-of-charge for use on your personal computer.

The corporate antivirus product UQ previously offered, Sophos At Home, is no longer available and should be removed from your personal computer.

Home use

UQ staff and students can use Sophos Home on their personal computers on campus and at home.

Conditions of use

UQ staff and students using Sophos Home should follow the conditions set out in the Sophos End-User Licence Agreement.

You can submit an IT request to get support for Sophos on UQ computers.

You can get support for Sophos on your personal computer through Sophos.

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