Siemens offers a suite of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, which digitally tracks a product’s life through its:

  • design inception
  • manufacture
  • use
  • maintenance
  • disposal.

At UQ, these products are provided by a software grant from Siemens and are free of charge for authorised users on UQ-owned computers.

Software products available

Accessing Siemens software

UQ staff and students can request access to Siemens software for teaching and research purposes. It can only be used on UQ-owned computers. Licences are free of charge, but only a limited number are available.

If you’re a student, you must provide approval from your supervisor when you request access.

To request access:

  • if you're using a computer managed by ITS, submit an IT request
  • for all other computers, contact your local IT support team.

Running NX CAD for the first time

When you run NX CAD for the first time, it will display the error message ‘There are no licenses available’. You need to select the relevant licence details to be able to use the software.

To select licence details in NX CAD:

  1. Go to the ‘File’ tab and select ‘Utilities’.
  2. Select ‘Bundles’
  3. From the ‘Available Bundles’ list, add ‘ACD11’ and ‘ACD10’ to ‘Selected Bundles’. 
  4. Click ‘OK’.

Home use

You can’t use Siemens software on personal computers using a UQ licence.

Conditions of use

Siemens software products can be used at UQ by:

  • staff for teaching and research purposes
  • students for research purposes only.

There are a limited number of licenses available for all products. Students wishing to use the software must get approval from their supervisor and include it with their request.

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