Alpha Pro is a web application that allows you to upload data and images for analysis, computation and presentation as interactive diagrams.

Accessing Alpha Pro

The School of Mathematics and Physics (SMP) funds a site-wide educational licence for all UQ staff and students. You can access Alpha Pro with any modern web browser that has JavaScript enabled.

You can get a licence for Alpha Pro from UQ Software Licensing.

You can learn how to use Alpha Pro by reading and watching Wolfram's tutorials and training courses, including a tour for first-time users.

Home use

UQ staff and students can use Alpha Pro anywhere using a UQ licence.

Conditions of use

UQ can use Alpha Pro for teaching and non-commercial research only. It can’t be used in commercial applications. You can read and download the Alpha Pro terms and conditions (UQ login required) (PDF, 3.4 MB) for information on methods of access, attribution and licensing, pro subscriptions and account security.

The School of Mathematics and Physics funds the UQ licence for Alpha Pro. Usage is monitored and the current funding arrangement will be reassessed regularly. Financial contributions from other areas of UQ may be required for future continued use.

The Wolfram site licence includes Mathematica and Alpha Pro and runs from 30 November 2016 to 29 November 2019.

By using Alpha Pro, you are disclosing personal information to Wolfram for collection and use outside Australia. Read the Alpha Pro privacy policy.

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