Visitors or guests have three internet options when visiting a UQ campus.

UQ Visitor wifi

Visitors can use the UQ Visitor wifi network for basic tasks like checking email. To connect, go to your wifi settings and select 'Visitor-UQconnect'. You don't need a username or password to connect.

As this is a public wifi service, be careful of submitting sensitive personal information while connected.

If you need more data and faster wifi, you can apply for a paid visitor internet account.

Paid visitor accounts

A visitor internet account may be useful if you are:

  • attending a conference (but check if the conference will provide internet access)
  • a short-term contractor who doesn't have a UQ associate account
  • part of a school group or business group visiting campus.

The account costs $10. You get:

You can’t access external email servers with this account. To access your email, either use webmail (e.g. Hotmail or Exchange), or a VPN (virtual private network) if available. Contact your own IT administrator for more information.

Data usage applies when you access the internet on UQ campuses (including wifi). UQ websites don't count against your data allowance. You can buy extra data from the ITS Service Desk counter in the Prentice Centre (42).

Apply for a paid visitor account

To apply for a visitor internet account:

  1. Go to the ITS Service Desk counter in the Prentice Centre (42).
  2. Complete a visitor account short-term application form and pay for your account. This will give you a registration PIN.
  3. Activate your account, using the registration PIN from your application form.

After you activate your account it will be active for 3 months. After that you'll need to apply for a new visitor account.

Bulk accounts for conferences

Submit an IT request if you’re organising a conference and want to bulk purchase paid visitor internet accounts.

Eduroam wifi

If you're from another university or institution that uses Eduroam, you can also connect to Eduroam at UQ.

To connect, enter the same Eduroam login details as you normally use at your own institution.

If you have any problems connecting to Eduroam, contact IT support at your own institution for help.

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