Every UQ student is provided with an email address. Accounts are supplied and managed by Information Technology Services.

UQ student email accounts are hosted on a cloud-based platform called Office 365. You should check your student email on a daily basis – it's the main method of communication at UQ.

Activating your email

Go to Starting at UQ to find out how to activate your student email account.

Checking your email

Once your account is activated, there are two ways you can check your UQ email:

When you log in, remember to use your student email address and email password (not your UQ account username and password). For more information, see About your student account.

Checking email on your phone

To set up your inbox on a mobile app, follow Microsoft's set up instructions for:

Use your UQ student email address and email password during the set up process.

About your email address

Your student email address depends on the date you first enrolled at UQ:

  • If you first enrolled after 24 March 2011, your UQ email address is firstname.lastnamexx@uq.net.au (where xx may be a number).
  • If you first enrolled before 24 March 2011, your UQ email address is firstname.lastnamexx@uqconnect.edu.au (where xx may be a number).

You can request a change to the 'firstname.lastnamexx' part your email address.

There are also other email addresses attached to your account, which are used for administrative and software licensing purposes.

These addresses include:

  • s1234567@student.uq.edu.au
  • firstname.lastnamexx@uqconnect.edu.au
  • firstname.lastnamexx@uq.net.au.

These addresses all go to your primary mailbox.

Resetting your email password

If you’ve forgotten your email password, you will have to log in to your student account to reset it.

If you can't remember your student account password, contact AskUs in the UQ Library.

Reset your password

Email after you leave UQ

You can keep using your student email account after you graduate – your UQ email address is for life.

You can continue accessing your email through the:

You will only have access to Outlook, not the rest of Office 365. You will also still be able to log into my.UQ to reset your Office 365 password.

If you would prefer to close your UQ email address when you graduate, submit an IT request.

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