Students and staff can live stream free-to-air TV channels through the UQ network.

The live stream can only be used for educational purposes or special events.

To use the live stream, you also need to be on campus and connected to the UQ network. You can't use this service at home or at on-campus colleges.

Using this streaming service doesn't count against your data allowance.

Step 1: Connect to the UQ network

Make sure your computer is connected to the UQ network via an ethernet cable and make sure you're logged in to the Internet Management Service (IMS).

You can connect to the UQ network using wifi, but performance will be poor because streaming requires high bandwidth.

Step 2: Download VLC media player

You'll need to use VLC media player to stream free-to-air TV channels.

If you already have VLC, make sure you have the latest version installed.

If you're using an ITS-managed UQ computer, you can download VLC by following the instructions to self-install software on UQ computers.

If your computer is not managed by ITS, you can download VLC from the VLC website.

Step 3: Access TV channels

You can access an individual channel, or a playlist of all channels by downloading the relevant file. Once the file has downloaded, open it in VLC to watch.

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