A concurrent diploma is a diploma-level qualification (AQF 5) that you can study alongside your bachelor's program.

All diplomas are made up of 16 units. You can spread these units across the duration of your bachelor's program, or you can complete these units in a concentrated period.

Concurrent diplomas available in:

Applications for diplomas are lodged through mySI-net.

How to add a concurrent diploma

  1. Log in to mySI-net.
  2. Click 'Programs' > 'Undergraduate Diploma Request'.
  3. Complete and submit the request form.

Contact the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for more information about concurrent diplomas.

You must apply to add a program by the relevant Semester 1 or Semester 2 due date. Consult the Academic Calendar for opening and closing dates for program change requests through mySI-net.