Many people in the UQ community have multiple relationships with the University and may have several user accounts.

If you have been both staff and student at any time, you may have multiple active or inactive UQ accounts. This can cause several UQ identities to exist in your name.

From March 2019, we are introducing a 'single UQ identity', which will link together all the user accounts related to an individual. This will reduce the duplication of information and will help us to improve and personalise IT services offered to the UQ community.

This change will not affect how you access any services at UQ — you will still use your usual UQ username or student ID to log in.

Identifying multiple accounts

ITS will contact people who have multiple UQ user accounts by email.

If the information in the user accounts is similar, but not identical, we will ask you to confirm the accounts belong to you before the accounts are linked. Instructions on how to do this will be included in the email.

If the information in the user accounts appears to be an identical match, the accounts will automatically be linked. You will be notified when this has happened.

If you have any questions about the single UQ identity, or if you believe your account has been linked with an incorrect account, submit an IT request.

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