Each graduation ceremony lasts approximately 90 minutes and follows a set process:

  • 1. The graduand procession enters the hall (in strict order) approximately 15 to 20 minutes before the official start of the ceremony.
  • 2. Graduands and guests stand for the entrance of the academic procession, which includes academics, the Vice-Chancellor, the President of the Academic Board and the Chancellor.
  • 3. The Vice-Chancellor delivers a welcome address.
  • 4. The President of the Academic Board invites all graduands to stand and asks the Chancellor to admit the graduands to their respective awards. All graduands become graduates of The University of Queensland.
  • 5. At some ceremonies, special awards, such as degrees honoris causa or higher doctorates, are presented at this time, with the Vice-Chancellor or Executive Dean detailing the accomplishments of each recipient.
  • 6. Graduates (with their procession order card) are directed to the stage to be congratulated by the Chancellor. Ceremony staff will ask the graduates to stand, file out of their seating row and move towards the stage.
  • 7. Graduates are directed to cross the stage to gently shake the Chancellor's hand and collect a cylinder. A photo is taken of each graduate as they accept the cylinder from the Chancellor. 
  • 8. Once offstage, graduates walk around the wall of the hall to the table located in the far corner to receive graduation documents, before returning to their seats.

    PhD students graduating from the stage will follow a different process confirmed before the ceremony. 

  • Map of the route graduates walk in the graduation hall

  • 9. Halfway through the presentation of the graduates, one of the graduates will present the valedictory address.
  • 10. Once all graduates have crossed the stage, a guest speaker will address the graduates.
  • 11. Ceremony proceedings will conclude with the departure of the academic procession. The graduates will be asked to join the academic procession as it leaves the hall.