UQ mentors are undergraduate or postgraduate students from a variety of backgrounds, study areas and year levels. Career mentors can come from industry or alumni networks. 

Becoming a mentee

You'll gain so much from connecting with mentors, not only with finding your feet at UQ and making new friends, but also with your academic and professional journey. Being a mentee ultimately enriches your experience and success at UQ, which is why we're here after all.

  • Build connections with other students and the wider UQ community
  • Get the best start to university and settle in the right way
  • Guidance with taking the next steps in your academic journey
  • Get the most out of life at UQ through getting involved and having fun
  • Seek specialised support to enhance your knowledge and skillset.

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Becoming a mentor

Mentors from UQ

Our student mentors are passionate about helping others, making a difference, and are dedicated to enhancing the student experience and UQ community.

  • Build relationships with other students
  • Develop leadership skills and guide students through their university experience
  • Inspire and make a difference in the wider UQ community
  • Develop your interpersonal, leadership, teamwork and communication skills
  • Get hands-on experience using real coaching strategies
  • Receive recognition from UQ in a variety of forms, including ongoing training and professional development, contribution to the UQ Employability Award and team events
  • Build university-wide networks and showcase your personal initiative and commitment through experiences that add value to your CV.

Mentors from industry

Mentoring is one of the most effective forms of professional development for both the mentor and mentee. Career mentoring connects industry professionals and students, which can help with the transition from university to the workplace. 

  • Gain satisfaction from helping someone grow and enhance their skills
  • Reflect on your practices
  • Gain fresh perspectives and exposure to new ideas
  • Develop your leadership and communication skills
  • Expand your professional development network
  • Cement your role as a subject matter expert and leader
  • Invest in the development of the future workforce.

UQ has a range of career mentoring programs available. If you want to participate and share your knowledge, or need more information, contact Cate Clifford c.clifford@uq.edu.au

Hear from our mentors and mentees

"The leadership experience through being a mentor has been one of the best experiences gained at UQ. I was able to enhance my creative thinking and communication skills through the program.”
UQ mentor

As a new international student, mentoring was excellent for me! I now know lots about Australia as well as other different cultures, backgrounds and countries... Highly recommend."
– UQ mentee

Hear from mentors in the BEL career mentoring program