If you’re unhappy with an assessment mark, or final grade, there are steps you can take to address your concerns.

Re-marks for exams and assessment

If you believe a mark you’ve been given doesn’t accurately reflect your performance according to the relevant assessment criteria, you can apply for a re-mark.

Wanting extra marks in order to achieve a higher course grade isn't an acceptable reason for a re-mark.

Before you apply, please discuss your concerns in-person with your course coordinator, or your lecturer. They can provide you with additional feedback.

Once you’ve received additional feedback, and if you want to proceed, you can formally request a re-mark:

  1. Complete the Request for Assessment Re-mark form (PDF)
  2. Submit the completed form to your school (before the semester date for the finalisation of results), or faculty (after the semester date for the finalisation of results). 

Your reason for wanting a re-mark must be based on how you were graded according to the assessment criteria.

More information is in the Assessment Re-mark Procedures.


If you want to appeal a decision relating to an assessment or examination re-mark, you can appeal to the University Senate.

I’m graduating in a few weeks – will my re-mark request be finalised by then?
Re-marks take some time to process – it’s very unlikely that changes will be made in time for you to graduate. Once the re-mark has been finalised, and assuming you’re eligible to graduate, you can attend the next suitable graduation ceremony. If appropriate, you can visit a Student Centre and ask them to prepare a letter of completion, which you can show to potential employers.

Final grades


After the release of final grades, if you think there has been an administrative mistake (such as a mathematical error, or data-entry error), communicate directly with your school.

Correcting an administrative mistake is not the same as a re-mark.

Exceptional circumstances

If you can show evidence of exceptional circumstances beyond your control and if you meet all the eligibility requirements outlined in section 7.2 of the Finalisation of Grades Procedures, you can apply to have your final grade changed to ‘W’ – withdrawal without academic penalty.

Changes are only approved in very limited circumstances, and within the specified timeframes.

Most students who apply have either failed to complete a course, or have received a failing grade for a course.

More information about applying to withdraw without academic penalty is available on the Withdrawing from a Course or Program page.

I failed a course by a small amount, but I don’t satisfy the “exceptional circumstances” requirement. Is there anything I can do?
You may be eligible for a supplementary assessment.