As long as you meet certain guidelines, you can change your student email address.

You have to submit an IT request to change your student email address, but think carefully before you request a change.

You'll need to back up all files, messages and data in your current email address. This is your responsibility.

Choose a new email address

All UQ email addresses must meet these basic guidelines:

  • your new email address must be based on how your name appears in mySI-net
  • your new email address must include a full stop before your last name
  • all email addresses are subject to availability.

These are examples of acceptable email addresses using the name 'Samar Jordan Citizen':

  • samar.citizen
  • samar.j.citizen
  • s.citizen
  • sam.citizen
  • sam.j.citizen
  • s.j.citizen
  • sj.citizen
  • jordan.citizen
  • j.citizen.

The following are not acceptable as a new email address:

  • nicknames
  • first name only
  • last name only
  • initialised last name (in this example, using 'c' instead of 'citizen' in the email address).

Request a new email address

To ask to change your email address, submit an IT request.

In your request, include:

  • your student number
  • a list of preferred new email addresses (in case you can't get your first preference)
  • an alternate email address we can use to contact you
  • a phone number.

You must also write a statement confirming that you understand your mailbox may be deleted during the address change process, and that you have backed up any important information.

During the changeover period

Email address change requests can take between 24 and 48 hours to process. Until your new address is activated, you should redirect your current student email to an alternate account

Once your new address is activated, any emails directed to your old address will be bounced back to the sender.

We're here to help

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